Face & Heal

Your Inner Turmoil

Is it finally time?

March 14 to 16, 2025

Southern Arizona

A life-changing weekend experience for men

Have you struggled with your hidden pain and inner turmoil long enough?

Is it finally time to move through it and beyond it?

Do you yearn for a safe place to face your past, express pent-up anger, heal your grief, and release your shame?

A New Man is that place.

At A New Man, you’ll embark on a journey to true healing. You’ll find new purpose and see a new vision for your life.

You’ll experience true brotherhood, community, and belonging. You’ll find peace.

How do we heal when, as men, we’re not even supposed to feel?

The demands seem to echo all around us.

“Masculinity is toxic.”

“Men don’t need support.” “Men don’t need friends.” “Men don’t cry.”  “Men don’t fear.”  Men just don’t … feel.

We’re supposed to be stoic heroes. Fixers. Meeting everyone else’s needs while not even recognizing that we have needs of our own.


Is it any wonder that so many of us struggle with … ?

|    Addiction.    |    Loneliness.    |    Relationship problems.    |    Divorce.    |    Sexual confusion.    |    Self-contempt.    |    Pornography.

|    Father wounds.    |    Mother wounds.    |    Not feeling man enough.   |    Not belonging.    |


So many of us have lingering wounds from an absent or abusive father. We have sexual shame, with feelings and experiences we’ve never told a soul. We have old peer wounds and relationship wounds that we can barely admit even to ourselves.

Where do we find healing? Where do we even find … ourselves?

Discover a new you. Join us March 14 to 16, 2025, in southern Arizona.


What do I need to know to register?


Regular Registration Fee: $725
Full payment is due 10 days before the event.

Deposit: $300 holds your space

Early Registration Fee: $550
$175 discount when you pay the full $550 (not just a deposit) at least 6 weeks early.

Brothers & Friends Discount: $850 for 2 Men
When you and another man (mentor, friend, or family member) register together, pay just $850 for both men (equal to $425 each). The deposit for 2 is $400.

What does the Fee Cover?
  • The full program (total of about 20 to 25 hours of facilitated “work” — deep personal processing — over parts of 3 days)
  • Use of the rented camp or retreat center for all our activities
  • Two nights stay at the camp, retreat center, or lodge. 
  • Six meals (dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday)
  • Journal and take-home booklet containing key teachings and resources.
  • Three follow-up group sessions (online or by phone) to process, reconnect with new “brothers,” and help integrate what you’ve experienced into your daily life.

The fee does not include transportation to or from the camp or retreat center.

Is there financial assistance?
Yes, there is limited financial assistance. Click here to apply
What is the Refund Policy?
  • If you cancel 30 days or more before the New Man weekend: Your deposit and all registration fees are fully refundable. If we have already sent you a letter of instructions identifying the location of the event, etc., then we will issue the refund AFTER the conclusion of the event by reversing the charge on your credit or debit card.
    • If you cancel MORE THAN 10 days but FEWER THAN 30 days before A New Man: Your minimum required deposit of $300 is NOT refundable. However, we will refund you any amount you have paid above that.
      • If you cancel 10 days OR FEWER before the New Man weekend: Your deposit and registration fees are NOT refundable.

      About Us

      We are An International, multi-faith, peer-support fellowship

      We are a non-profit, multi-faith, international fellowship. We are a peer-led, volunteer-based, faith-affirming community. We have more than 20 years of experience offering life-changing inner-healing and personal-growth retreats for men.

      We support men who are seeking to grow in self-worth, masculinity, community, and connection. We support each other in exploring unresolved issues and healing underlying pain that may be driving problematic thoughts, feelings, or behaviors.

      Our diverse but united brotherhood includes Catholics, Evangelicals and other Protestants, Latter-day Saints, Eastern Orthodox, and other Christians (including non-denominational Christians), Jews (including Orthodox Jews), Muslims, and men of other faiths. Some of us are agnostic or just not religious.

      More than anything else, we support each other in aligning our choices with our values, faith, and life goals — rather than the other way around.